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Perfect for military training in non-standard environments, Education Management Solutions mobile platforms are complete standalone video capture-to-debrief solution for on-the-go simulation training that can be deployed anywhere, anytime. With EMS mobile solutions, users can start recording and training within five minutes of booting up their systems.

Key Features

  • Wireless, battery-powered mobility
  • Touchscreen capability for on the-go or in-situ training
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Touch-enabled bookmarking and annotation on live recording or during playback


Education Management Solutions platforms are robust, scalable, easy to use, and can grow with any government training program. EMS mobile solutions enable cloud or on-site integration with a fully functional simulation management platform. Videos recorded can be automatically uploaded to enterprise level systems, which can provide full end-to-end simulation management.

Key Features

  • Real-time integration with all major high fidelity manikin simulators
  • Live vitals feed available with external streaming encoder
  • Advanced video conferencing features to enable two-way, permission-based web access to live training scenarios
  • Real-time integration with a wide variety of AR/VR simulation products
  • Integration capability with enterprise level simulation management


Education Management Solutions understands the importance of reliable and secure systems in the government and military sectors, which is why our team of support personnel is dedicated to providing personalized assistance and guidance that doesn’t end at the completion of the sale. With our knowledgeable support services, government and military partners can rest assured that they have a trusted partner who will assist them in maximizing the value and effectiveness of their simulation management solutions.

Key Features

  • EMS-Dedicated full-time customer support teams
  • Industry’s fastest support response times
  • Remote diagnostics and issue resolution
  • Scheduled ongoing software updates

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Features Enterprise Competency Training in Motion
HD recording of rooms, manual start/stop - schedule and ad hoc recording
Live view of a room, PTZ, bookmarks
Simulator integration with vitals feed*, events log, and bookmarks
Video editing - (playback, bookmark), automatic upload, Sharing with permissions
Immediate debrief – learner can take their own notes and comments, iPad/tablet based
Native analytics integration with Competency
Competency assessment and tracking solutions
Inventory management
Schedule and manage simulation sessions and scenarios
Cases/scenarios, courses, calendars
Telemedicine and DistanceSIM™ virtual-based and hybrid simulation add-ons2
Reporting on simulation activities (Item Analysis and Learner Score Reports)
Create and manage checklist questions
Complete assessments while reviewing recording
Fully battery powered set-up for anytime anywhere use
Live recording and immediate debriefing
Bookmarking & annotation during live recording or playback
Real time integration with standard or high-fidelity manikins and major AR/VR simulation product
Permission-based web access and two-way viewing from any remote computer or smart device
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