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EMS partners with healthcare clients to enhance the accessibility, flexibility, efficiency, and measurability of training.

Education Management Solutions enables institutions to implement adaptive technologies to address the evolving needs of modern healthcare institutions. The ability to seamlessly capture, organize, and analyze the full spectrum of your training program allows administrators to cut down on instruction time, get practitioners on the floor faster, and save training costs.

EMS’ targeted solutions specifically designed for health systems seamlessly integrate and enhance the major tenets of modern healthcare training by leveraging cutting-edge operations and management capabilities keeping learners engaged throughout their medical careers.

Full Simulation Management

Optimize simulation operations for more efficient training and cost-savings.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Video Management

Video learning platforms in a secure cloud-based infrastructure eliminates need for on site hardware.

Competency and Assessment Tracking

Survey learner performance and competencies in real-time and reduce onboarding time.

Hardware and Software Agnostic Integration

Seamlessly integrate and monitor existing LMS, manikins, and measurement tools.

Use Cases Across the Institution


EMS healthcare technology solutions are customizable to fit your institution’s specific use case.

On the move Simulation for Healthcare Training

Reduce overhead cost and accelerate onboarding by converting available space in your facility into highly effective training environments. Education Management Solutions’ Training in Motion platforms can be set up and deployed within minutes, reducing the amount of time needed to accommodate training for busy working practitioners without sacrificing instructional quality.

Effective Anytime, Anywhere Training

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Features CORE Enterprise Competency TIM
HD recording of mulitple rooms (scheduled and ad-hoc)
Pan Tilt Zoom Capabilities
Live recording with immediate debriefing
All-inclusive Simulator integration (vitals feed, events log, etc.)
Video editing, upload and permission management
Immediate debrief with live learner comments and bookmarking
Native analytics integration with out Competency solutions
Competency assessment and tracking solutions
Inventory management
Permission-based web access and two-way viewing from any remote computer or smart device
Real time integration with standard or high-fidelity manikins and major AR/VR simulation product
Advanced scheduling and management (Cases/scenarios, courses, calendars)
Create and manage rubric or checklist
Complete assessments while reviewing recording
LMS integration
Integration with our Training in Motion solutions (including Live View)
Comprehensive data and AV backup
Cloud-based multi-site deployments
Complete Simulation reporting (Item analysis, video engagement, Learner Score metrics, etc.)
Live observation of multiple rooms
Learner evaluation using rubric or checklists
Comprehensive KPI reporting including DashboardKPI™
Curriculum Mapping and integration
MSPE format templates
Automated Reporting and assessment tools (quizzes, rubrics, checklists, surveys, etc)
Rotation management and scheduling assistance for clerkship tracking
Fully battery powered set-up for anytime anywhere use
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