Training in Motion Solutions

Conduct Training Anywhere

Powerful simulation training solutions on the move

Education Management Solutions’ Training in Motion® simulation platforms allow you to take your training events anywhere with their compact, but powerful, simulation solutions that adapt to any environment. With an out-of-the-box setup complete within minutes, wireless connectivity, and battery-powered mobility, you’ll be able to effortlessly conduct highly effective training anywhere, removing the tethers to traditional classrooms.

HD PTZ or Portable Cameras

Capture and debrief with absolute clarity.

Touch Screen Control

Cutting-edge functionality and ease of use.

300 Hours of Video Storage

Conduct scenarios without time limits.

Extendable Video Conferencing

Optional two-way permission-based video access.

Multiple Feed Control

Training in Motion®‘s multiple feed control allows educators and instructors to display up to three feeds simultaneously, including video, vitals from manikins, and stats.

Whether you need to monitor several simulations at once, or keep tabs on several streams of data, with the ability to view multiple feeds at once, educators and learners gain a comprehensive and real-time understanding of the simulation scenario, leading to more effective training outcomes.

Connectivity Monitoring

The System Health connectivity monitoring feature offers users a seamless way to monitor and optimize the performance of the entire system. With this feature, users can effortlessly keep tabs on the operational status of the Training in Motion® platform, ensuring maximum uptime and minimizing any potential disruptions.

By providing comprehensive system health monitoring, Training in Motion® empowers users to maintain a reliable and efficient simulation training platform, delivering exceptional and consistent training experiences to learners.

Training in Motion Use Cases

Key Solution Benefits

Enhance Your Mobile Training with Powerful Add-ons


Harnesses the power of an enterprise system in a portable package with the integration of LiveSESSION and SimSESSION to enable remote viewing capabilities.


Leverage the strength of EMS’ cloud-based simulation management platform in conjunction with Training in Motion® to create a robust simulation management solution you can deploy anywhere.


Training in Motion® seamlessly integrates with EMS’ Competency tracking solutions, enabling training programs to track and assess learner progress, competency levels, and skill development no matter where you conduct your training.

Let’s connect to explore how Training in Motion® can expand how and where you offer your healthcare training!

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