Simulation Solutions for Higher Education

Revolutionizing patient care in health systems using cutting-edge simulation training and advanced skills tracking software for healthcare.

Healthcare Education Solutions

Education Management Solutions’ expertise in providing help to students and educators in the Healthcare Segment ensures that they achieve their goals related to training and assessment.

Education Management Solutions (EMS) is dedicated to providing teachers, administrators, and students with the tools they need for effective healthcare training. Whether it’s highly automated enterprise-level audio video capture and debriefing, student progression tracking and curriculum mapping, or flexible mobile training, EMS offers healthcare education solutions to help with your most complex institutional challenges. Our Competency Management Solutions, Simulation Training Solutions, and Training in Motion® Solutions enable educators to effectively manage their institutional needs. 

EMS’ highly configurable Enterprise simulation management solutions provide institutions with the ability to conduct training at the enterprise level in large sim centers, or if there’s a need for on-the-go and in-situ instruction, our portable simulation recording and debriefing system, Training in Motion® solutions delivers training outside of the classroom. With premium competency management software solutions, educators can rest assured that all their training data is centralized and easily accessible in easy-to-digest formats for review by students or accreditors. Our clinical education software ensures that every aspect of training is streamlined and efficient, supporting both educators and learners in achieving excellence.

Student Outcomes

By offering personalized, engaging learning experiences, we help institutions boost student retention and graduation rates using our innovative solutions platforms.

Improve Teaching Effectiveness

Enable educators to provide students with real-time feedback and assessment. Our Simulation and Competency solutions are built for institutions that need real-time data visualization and monitoring.

Streamline Operations

Educators can provide students with timely feedback and assessments, fostering continuous improvement with the help of Competency solutions. Our Training in Motion® Solutions provide mobile access and availability of learner progression and learning outcomes.

Reduce Time and Cost

Make education more affordable and flexible by allowing learners to progress at their own pace.


We create opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in authentic, real-world scenarios, preparing them for success in healthcare practice.

Use Cases Across the Institution

Higher Education Scenarios

From students to teachers, to administrators, EMS solutions resolve the pain points faced by administrators and educators in higher education. From seamlessly integrating with existing systems to providing highly effective simulation-based education, to delivering actionable data in an easy-to-digest format, EMS’s medical education solutions offer higher education institutions the tools they need to prepare the healthcare workforce of tomorrow. With advanced curriculum mapping software for higher education and state-of-the-art simulation in education and training, EMS ensures that every aspect of healthcare training is covered efficiently and effectively.

On the move Simulation for Healthcare Education

Education Management Solutions’ Training in Motion® solutions expand the reach of simulation learning beyond the walls of traditional classrooms and sim centers. These portable yet powerful mobile simulation platforms deliver immersive learning experiences that accurately reflect the real-world environments your students will encounter in their future careers.

Sim Classrooms Anywhere, Anytime

See What We Can Do For You

Find Your Solution

Our suite of higher education solutions like cloud-based simulation training software & competency management solutions is intuitively designed to enhance educational outcomes, elevate teaching effectiveness, and ultimately support the success of higher education institutions and their learners. 

  • Standardize and automate your processes to deliver consistent, high-quality simulation-based training
  • Record and debrief simulation training with A/V capture System
  • Get insight into learners and curriculum performance with Competency Management System
  • Optimize simulation training management and boost ROI. Track student Competency and track their progress on various EPAs
Features CORE Enterprise Competency Training in Motion
HD recording of mulitple rooms (scheduled and ad-hoc)
Pan Tilt Zoom Capabilities
Live recording with immediate debriefing
All-inclusive Simulator integration (vitals feed, events log, etc.)
Video editing, upload and permission management
Immediate debrief with live learner comments and bookmarking
Native analytics integration with our Competency solutions
Competency assessment and tracking solutions
Inventory management
Permission-based web access and two-way viewing from any remote computer or smart device
Real time integration with standard or high-fidelity manikins and major AR/VR simulation product
Advanced scheduling and management (Cases/scenarios, courses, calendars)
Create and manage rubric or checklist
Complete assessments while reviewing recording
LMS integration
Integration with our Training in Motion solutions (including Live View)
Comprehensive data and AV backup
Cloud-based multi-site deployments
Complete Simulation reporting (Item analysis, video engagement, Learner Score metrics, etc.)
Live observation of multiple rooms
Learner evaluation using rubric or checklists
Comprehensive KPI reporting including DashboardKPI™
Curriculum Mapping and integration
MSPE format templates
Automated Reporting and assessment tools (quizzes, rubrics, checklists, surveys, etc)
Rotation management and scheduling assistance for clerkship tracking
Fully battery powered set-up for anytime anywhere use

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