Curriculum Mapping Software For Healthcare Education

Systematically map curriculum objectives across
key competency and core accreditation requirements

Are you curious about how much time your faculty invests in curriculum mapping? EMS, a leading curriculum management software provider, offers an automated curriculum mapping tool that is here to revolutionize this process. Our AI-powered mapping suggestions enable quick and effortless mapping of various elements, freeing up your faculty to concentrate on teaching rather than administrative duties.

Empower Your Educators with Advanced Curriculum Mapping Software

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Discover the Power of Curriculum Management Software

Optimize your healthcare education program with our advanced Curriculum Mapping Software for Healthcare Education. Our curriculum management solution is designed to streamline your curriculum planning process, allowing you to map program and learning objectives effortlessly. Simplify the tracking of assessment and accreditation requirements within one unified view, ensuring a comprehensive approach to curriculum management.

Seamless Curriculum Integration for Effective Education

Experience a centralized framework, seamlessly integrated with your curriculum, enabling efficient management and tracking of all learning aspects with advanced curriculum management software. Competency™ ensures connectivity between program, course, and learner-level objectives throughout the educational journey. Stay informed about which objectives are being taught, in which courses, and to which learners.
Curriculum mapping software for higher education
Competency Curriculum Mapping Solution

Efficient Program Control with Curriculum Management Systems

Discover the capabilities of advanced curriculum management software designed for higher education institutions. The Curriculum Mapping Solution provides comprehensive program control, granting administrators and faculty the ability to collaborate, edit, search, plan, and align outcomes throughout the curriculum.

Track, Monitor, and Analyze with a Curriculum Management Platform

Competency’s curriculum management tools offer advanced tracking, monitoring, and analysis capabilities. Educators can efficiently track learner performance across the curriculum, monitor accreditation criteria in assessments, and analyze risk factors using advanced gap analysis tools.
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Curriculum Mapping Solution - Key Features

Course and Program Mapping

Map courses and programs while managing your curriculum data.

Outcomes Alignment

Ensure that your course flows align appropriately to facilitate the required educational outcomes.

Assessment Tracking

Assess the performance of your learners and the viability of their educational experience.

Accreditation Monitoring

Easily show accreditors how your curriculum meets all required learning objectives.

Course-Level Taxonomy

Organize your curriculum based on course difficulty to ensure learners progress with the right cadence.

Gap Analysis and Early Warning ID

Leverage advanced analytics to trace program effectiveness, monitor teaching types, and identify which assessments tie back to underperforming learners.

Custom Curriculum Parameters

Set parameters and adapt curriculum objectives to meet changing requirements.

Cloud-Based System

No hardware to install, stays current through live system updates and integrates with other LMS grading and assessment systems.

Best In-Class Support

With comprehensive onboarding and one-touch support, you will sleep easy knowing your systems, staff, and students are fully supported.

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