Why You Should Make the Switch

Are you dissatisfied with your existing video-based healthcare education and training solution and thinking about a switch? EMS offers a seamless, affordable migration process that ensures your education program won't miss a beat.

Easy Migration & Integration

EMS’ structured 90-day migration plan, best-in-class customer support, and seamless integration with third party vendors, such as Zoom and Webex, makes upgrading your video education software painless.

Intelligent Learner Progression Tracking

A feature rich integration with our Competency platform competency-based provides administrators an assessment solution to track and map learner progress  and EPAs through all of their interactions within the video content system.

Accessibility & Engagement

Full WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 compliance and powerful text and spoken-word search across all stored media ensures platform equity while robust engagement analytics identify learner deficiencies earlier leading to better learner outcomes.

Lecture Capture and
Video On-Demand

Integrated AV systems, easy-to-use video editing tools, and extensible CORE app suite allows you to capture, edit, and share course content with learners all in one space.

Video Content and
Asset Management

With intuitive user interface, robust search, live streaming, and LMS integration, end-to-end course and video content management has never been easier.

Live Streaming and
Virtual Classroom

Facilitate remote learning environments and immersive cross-organizational communication flows with live event streaming and two-way, integrated video conferencing

Migration Incentives Include:

Why Switch to EMS?

Market-Leading Technology

Everything you need in a video content management and lecture capture system, at a fraction of the cost

Usability and ROI

Engineered by EMS, leaders in the online education space, for both higher education and corporate organizations

End-to-End Deployment and Support

Flexible, cloud-based deployment options, combined with fully-managed onboarding and ongoing support ​

How EMS Supports Your Organization

Flipped Classroom Lecture Capture

Record, edit, and share HD-quality videos within any classroom, workspace, or plug into our live stream software.

HyFlex Classroom and Online Learning

Engage learners inside and outside the classroom with interactive content, quizzes, surveys, and Q&A.

Live Video Streaming and Event Broadcast

Establish a standardized, institutionwide educational experience to amplify learning and engagement.

Asynchronous VOD Archives

Take control of your captured video and course-specific assets with a smart, secure content library.

Engagement, Usage, and ROI Tracking

Generate comprehensive reports on learner engagement and viewing habits, usage, and costs.

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Features That Enhance the User Experience
and Amplify Learning Environments

Competency Tracking

EMS’s innovative progression tracking technology enables healthcare educators to more effectively train learners with competency gap analysis, making it possible to spot curriculum gaps, identify at-risk students early on.

Multi-Device App Suite

Recording presentations, lectures, and trainings on site is no longer enough. The video software interconnects with the CORE app suite and helps you record from any internet-enabled device to extend functionality and optimize learning environments—anywhere, anytime.

Live Streaming and Conferencing

Create a standardized experience to connect in person and remote participants beyond the classroom with our built-in lecture streaming software with fully-integrated, organization-wide live video broadcasting and two-way video conferencing for meetings, microlearning sessions, and events.

Engagement Analytics

Customizable analytics detail learner engagement, viewing habits, usage, and costs, while interactive quizzes and surveys track and sync learner performance scores back to integrated learning management system (LMS) assessment programs.

LMS/LTI Integration

With complete LTI integration with leading LMS platforms, including Blackboard®, Canvas®, Cornerstone, and more, it’s easy to embed lecture and training content within course materials, and then flow scores back into LMS assessments and reports.

Flexible Deployment, Step-By-Step Support

Multiple Deployment Options

Video training software for the classroom, in the field, or between multiple locations? EMS's versatile, cloud-based deployment is flexible enough to meet all your media management needs.

Best-In-Class Support

Our industry-leading customer support team is on call to keep your solution running at peak capacity with fast and effective responses to any questions or support you might need.

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Take charge of your programs and maximize efficiency
with seamless end-to-end simulation management.

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