Cloud-Based Simulation Training in Healthcare

Enterprise Cloud is a cloud-based healthcare simulation product that optimizes simulation training in healthcare by streamlining the management and assessment of clinical sim center operations — the results are tangible!

The alternative to on-site IT infrastructure

What if you could forget about technology and focus on educating learners and running clinical simulation training in healthcare activities with ease? Enterprise Cloud gives you the freedom to manage your sim center with offsite IT infrastructure, including servers and storage.

Access a web-based Enterprise Cloud system without the need for lots of hardware installation. A Service Level Agreement ensures the timely and guaranteed delivery, management, and maintenance of your IT services

And with the Inventory app, you can manage your center”s inventory in real-time using your iPhone (iOS 7+).

Do more with less!

Key Benefits of Enterprise Cloud for Healthcare Simulation Training

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials - Simulation Training in healthcare
"We really appreciate your dedication to your job and to the integrity of your company."
Lori Kusnerik, AAS
Software Systems Specialist, University of Texas
“I would say that my favorite part is the customer service that we get. I've worked a lot with them … I've had certain people on the team that have walked me through, [for example], Vinny spent hours on the phone with me when I first started to walk me through everything."
Chasity Edwards, Assistance Director of Simulation in Medicine and Surgery
Rocky Vista University

Telemedicine Training and Virtual OSCE Workflows

TeleHealth Simulation Training and Virtual OSCE Workflows

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Enterprise Healthcare Simulation Software

Extensible Companion App Suite

Simulation companion app suite

Functionality You Need, When You Need It

Enjoy enhanced functionality and mobility with our companion app suite. Simulation comes equipped with an extensible companion app suite that ensures you have all the functionality you need, when and where you need it.

Fully Supported Multisite Deployments

Access More Campuses and More Students

If there is a need to deploy across multiple sites, EMS’s cloud-based distributed architecture is the answer. The Enterprise Cloud configuration offers a turnkey workflow with secure, cloud-based data management between campuses, a smaller IT footprint, and a lowered total cost of ownership for the highest return on investment.

workflow with secure, cloud-based data management

DistanceSIM for Enterprise Cloud

Distance-Based Simulator Training​ and clinical observation scenarios

Distance-Based Simulator Training​

A product extension for Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud that enables your medical simulation program to utilize a combination of physical training rooms and virtual teleconferencing connectivity to conduct live simulator training and clinical observation scenarios online.

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