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Simulation in Healthcare Training: Explore Its Uses & Benefits

Simulation in healthcare is a remarkably effective method for achieving medical training objectives through experiential learning. The ultimate aim of healthcare simulations is to elevate the learning experience, foster engagement, and improve outcomes by immersing participants in lifelike scenarios, all ...
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EMS CEO joins NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council

CEO Matt Merino Joins NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council

Originally published on National League for Nursing____ CEO of Education Management Solutions Joins NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council Washington, DC — Matt Merino, Chief Executive Officer for Education Management Solutions (EMS), an industry leader in providing health care simulation solutions, has ...
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Key Features to Look for in a Simulation Video Capture Platform

In recent years, simulation audio video capture system have become essential tools in simulation-based training across various fields, particularly in healthcare. The growing importance of these platforms stems from their ability to enhance learning experiences, provide valuable feedback, and facilitate ...
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3 Key Benefits of Simulation in Healthcare Education

With an increased focus on aligning outcomes with academic competencies in medical education programs, medical simulation has quickly become one of the most effective instructional methods for healthcare educators. Many different types of medical simulation are now routinely used in ...
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EMS Simulation Solutions New Website

Education Management Solutions Unveils New Corporate Redesign and Website

Enhanced Look Showcases Refreshed Branding and Improved User Experience September 7, 2023 – Wayne, PA – Education Management Solutions (EMS), a leading provider of simulation and competency management solutions for healthcare, announced the launch of its corporate redesign, featuring a ...
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EMS New Corporate Office

Education Management Solutions LLC Relocates its Corporate Headquarters

New Facility Upgrades Working Environment and Accommodates Future Growth August 15, 2023 – Wayne, PA – Education Management Solutions (EMS), a leading provider of simulation and competency management solutions for healthcare, announced the relocation of their corporate headquarters to a ...
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Student Progression Tracking and Competency-Based Assessment

Student Progression Tracking and Competency-Based Assessment: How Programs are Monitoring Skills Development in Healthcare Education

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and education programs must keep up with these rapid changes to ensure that graduates are well-prepared for their careers and can provide the best possible patient care. One way to address the potential skills ...
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Mobile Simulation Solutions – Redefining Training with Training in Motion Platform

The Rise of Mobile Simulation Solutions: Breaking the Chains of Conventional Training: Traditional training methods often come with limitations, such as fixed locations and restricted schedules. EMS’ portable simulation solutions shatter these constraints, enabling training anytime, anywhere. These tools empower ...
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Benefits of Simulation Training in Medical Education

4 Key Reasons Medical Schools Invest in Simulation

Medical educators know their students need to absorb a mountain of knowledge in order for them to become successful practitioners in the real world. Not only do learners need to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills, they also need to ...
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Simulation Based Medical Education Solutions

Assessing the Future of Simulation Training for Healthcare Professionals

Medical schools and hospitals have long valued simulation in healthcare as an instructional tool because it allows learners to practice various clinical skills, procedures, and competencies under controlled consequence-free conditions before they implement these practices in real-life scenarios. As technology ...
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