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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Medical Simulation Center

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Sim Center

A simulation center often serves as a hands-on hub for healthcare education, offering a dynamic environment for learners to engage in lifelike scenarios. These centers are equipped with state-of-the-art simulation labs where learners can practice clinical skills, decision-making, and teamwork ...
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4 Ways Competency-Based Education Is Changing Nursing Education

Competency-Based Education (CBE) is a learning approach focused on mastering specific skills and competencies, rather than following a fixed curriculum or schedule. Competency-based education in nursing plays a crucial role in preparing nurses for the complexities of modern healthcare. Unlike traditional education ...
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Mobile Simulation Solutions for In-Situ Simulation

4 Ways Mobile Simulation Solutions Enhance In-Situ Training

In few industries is hands-on experience more vital to understanding how theoretical knowledge applies to the real world than in healthcare. And yet, in so few industries can obtaining practical experience carry so much risk. What is in situ simulation ...
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Simulation Training Improves Interprofessional Communication

How Simulation Training Improves Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration in Healthcare

It’s been well established that strong interprofessional collaboration and communication within healthcare teams lead to better patient and provider outcomes. This translates to greater patient care, reduced rates of morbidity and mortality, and increased satisfaction. On the provider side, it ...
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Competency-Based Medical Education: A Comprehensive Guide

Join us on this insightful journey, we share vital information for educators eager to enhance their CBME expertise and stay ahead in the evolving world of medical education. What is Competency-Based Medical Education? Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) marks a profound ...
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Top 5 Benefits of Simulation-Based Training

Simulation-based training has become increasingly important in healthcare education due to its practical and hands-on approach. Simulation training method is designed to replicate real-world scenarios and tools, providing a valuable learning experience for aspiring healthcare professionals.  In this blog, we’ll ...
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4 Reasons Competency Tracking is Becoming More Prevalent in Healthcare Education

In an era where healthcare is constantly evolving and the demand for quality patient care is at an all-time high, ensuring that healthcare professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge has become a top priority. This emphasis on ...
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Education Management Solutions Showcases Training in Motion® Solution at IMSH 2024

New Training in Motion® solution provides healthcare educators with on-the-move training capabilities. January 20, 2024 – Orlando, FL. – Education Management Solutions (EMS), a leading provider of healthcare simulation and competency management solutions, is showcasing its new Training in Motion® ...
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EMS Launches Revolutionary Mobile Training Solution

EMS is excited to announce the launch of its new Training in Motion® solution. This innovative product delivers comprehensive video capture-to-debrief capabilities, enabling on-the-move simulation training from any environment.
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Types of Simulation in Nursing Education

Simulation plays a pivotal role in nursing education, offering a practical and immersive approach to prepare future healthcare professionals. In this article, we’ll explore various types of simulation in nursing education, such as standardized patients, role-playing, and low-fidelity manikins. We’ll ...
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