5 Powerful Ways Technology Optimizes Sim Center Operations

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As a healthcare educator, you understand the need for simulation-based training, but you may be wondering how to overcome barriers to effectively running your sim center. Read on for ideas how simulation management technology can help optimize sim center operations at your institution.

1. Deploy the latest technology

From management software to mannequins, there’s a multitude of technologies available for the modern simulation program. Consider deploying simulation management technology that will connect all your disparate devices in a single location, expedite your data collection, and streamline your scheduling, reports and analysis, and inventory. Your chosen vendor should strongly support you in meeting your simulation training goals.

2. Define key parameters

Determine what simulation-based training is needed throughout your institution, and explore how simulation management technology can help you define key training parameters, including:

  • Instructional time needed
  • Staff time needed
  • Administrative support needed
  • Course development time needed, including time needed by instructors, peer reviewers, and simulation specialists who would review the course material
  • Space requirements for didactic and interactive simulations sessions

3. Centralize your programs

Things can get a little hectic when dozens (if not hundreds) of people use your center every semester. Simulation management technology lets you pre-schedule your session date, the scenario you’ll be using, the department and instructors you want to associate with the session, the assigned evaluators and support staff, and more. Need to run a reoccurring scenario? Create a template that’s easy to schedule and reschedule any time you need it.

4. Customize your reports

The amount of simulation-related information is constantly increasing—but simulation management technology makes thorough analysis possible. Generate customizable reports on center and equipment utilization, learner activities and competencies, class or cohort statistics, and more. These types of reports help you to present usage and other statistics to upper management to justify the need for the space, equipment, and personnel that provide learners the optimal learning environment and experience.

5. Ensure security

Are multiple classes, departments, or community partners using your simulation center at different times and for various purposes? Simulation management technology allows you to lock center activities based on your calendar, and restrict access permissions per user type (learner, faculty, administrator, or sim tech), ensuring your data is always secure.

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