NEJM Healer: Turning Heads in the Simulation Industry, the Mainstream News, and Beyond

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Last week’s announcement that NEJM Group and EMS have signed a revolutionary new distributor agreement to integrate NEJM Healer into the EMS SIMULATIONiQ training platform is getting a lot of attention in the healthcare sector—and beyond!

Since breaking the news last Thursday, Education Management Solutions and garnered the top links above mainstream news outlets, including The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.
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Via Yahoo Finance:

“The NEJM Healer diagnostic reasoning program is built off a just-in-time Covid-19 training program designed and used by clinicians around the world during the pandemic. Nearly 300,000 medical students, residents, doctors, other healthcare professionals used the program … The integration of NEJM Healer into EMS’ platform is designed to improve clinical reasoning skills. Prior to NEJM Healer, educators lacked an application to teach and assess clinical reasoning. The ultimate goal is to help avoid diagnostic error in practice. Almost 2,600 hospitals faced Medicare penalties in 2020 because of patient readmissions for the same issues for which patients had been released just weeks before.”


“With COVID-19 still looming over all other health care matters, one nonprofit organization and a second company involved in federal are working together to make a clinical diagnosis training program more available to health care students in the U.S.

NEJM Group and Education Management Solutions will make the former’s Healer platform available to 40,000 medical students and educators around the world that use EMS’ SIMULATIONiQ product, the companies said Thursday.”

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NEJM Group, EMS Launch Healthcare Simulation Program – PR Newswire
The integration of NEJM Healer into SIMULATIONiQ is designed to improve one of the most undertrained areas of provider-patient relationships – clinical diagnoses based upon effective patient communication.

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