EMS and NEJM Group Put Clinical Simulation Into the Mainstream

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EMS’ new agreement with the NEJM Group is transforming clinical simulation into a mainstream healthcare industry, according to an article today in Healthy Simulation.

From HealthySimulation.com

“NEJM Group, a division of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine, has been a leader of new medical research and review articles for over 200 years. While steeped in history, the NEJM Group is making waves into the future of healthcare education and training this week with an announcement of NEJM Healer, a cloud-based patient diagnostic trainer integrated with Education Management Solutions’ SIMULATIONiQ platform. The expanded platform will provide turnkey virtual live standardized patient encounters alongside a clinical reasoning case. Now, learners within the SIMULATIONiQ platform can move directly from a SP encounter directly into a Healer case – all using a single sign on for both platforms.

Healthy Simulation’s declaration comes after the launch of NEJM Healer, an innovative cloud-based patient diagnostic trainer. NEJM Group and EMS have signed a distributor agreement to integrate NEJM Healer into the EMS SIMULATIONiQ training platform used by thousands of healthcare students across hundreds of education institutes and hospitals worldwide.
This is a significant step for the clinical simulation community. The integration of NEJM Healer into SIMULATIONiQ is designed to improve one of the most undertrained areas of provider-patient relationships – clinical diagnoses based upon effective patient communication. NEJM Healer was created to help demystify clinical reasoning and safely train thoughtful clinicians for real-life, high-stakes patient care. Deploying gamified medical simulations for a range of common patient presentations, NEJM Healer is the most engaging and advanced application for clinical educators to teach and assess clinical reasoning, as well as for students to develop core diagnostic skills.
Key features include:
  • The presence of diagnostic uncertainty that exists when starting a new case in real-world patient scenarios.
  • A statistical model that incorporates therapeutic uncertainty, which is always present in real patient care.
  • A visualized differential diagnosis builder for enhanced clinical reasoning comprehension.
  • Proprietary assessment and encounter-based feedback compared to the diagnostic reasoning processes of an expert.
Be sure to read the Healthy Simulation article in full here and then contact EMS to learn more or set up a consultation.

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