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“Addressing Unconscious Bias in SP Training”

Presented by:
Jenny Murphy, MPH, MSW
Senior Training Specialist, Standardized Patient Program
Office of Medical Student Education
University of Michigan Medical School

The science of unconscious bias is an emerging area of study that explores how the human brain’s natural functioning influences people’s perceptions, behaviors, and interactions with others. Many industries and institutions around the country recognize the negative and potentially discriminatory impact unconscious bias can have on its workforce and the people they serve.

The University of Michigan is currently training its staff to recognize and address unconscious bias in everyday work in patient care, education, and research with colleagues, students, and patients. At the medical school, Standardized Patient Educators are also recognizing the ways in which unconscious bias may impact SP role portrayal and learner assessment. Standardized patient exercises are designed to provide safe learning environments for students, and it is imperative to assess and address SP unconscious bias so that it does not negatively impact formative and summative assessment of students.

This session will explore this institution’s response to an identified incident of SP unconscious bias, and how the program is taking proactive steps to address unconscious bias through SP training and ongoing professional development.

Sponsored by The Global Institute for Simulation Training, the educational arm of Education Management Solutions.

Join us on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 1:00 pm EST (12:00 pm CST; 11:00 am MST; 10:00 am PST).

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