Best-in-Class Support Solutions


We pride ourselves on having a strong relationship with our customers and are committed to your long-term success. Education Management Solutions’ TotalCAREiQ™ support services are designed to keep your clinical simulation management platform running at peak capacity with fast and effective responses to your reported concerns and questions.

All TotalCAREiQ™ customers receive:

  • Access to our support agents to facilitate remote diagnostics and issue resolution
  • Individually assigned customer success managers
  • A personal regional VP
  • Support ticketing system
  • Scheduled key software updates
  • In-person and remote training opportunities
  • Self-directed learning aids and tutorials
  • Invitation to the EMS Annual User Summit.

Platinum Care Service Level

Our premium Platinum TotalCAREiQ™ support level includes all the following services:

  • Extended support hours
  • Advanced replacement of AV and supporting hardware
  • Unlimited new staff, refresher, and advanced training opportunities at our corporate headquarters
  • Multiple remote training sessions
  • Tickets for two, including travel and lodging, for the EMS Annual User Summit

TotalCAREiQ Customer Support Portal

The Zendesk customer support portal enables EMS customers to email issues and requests directly to a dedicated support email address. Zendesk allows EMS partners to interact directly with our support team and receive status updates as we work together to resolve issues.

In addition, the support portal provides an opportunity to:

  • Review open tickets
  • Search a knowledgebase of solutions
  • View announcements regarding updates and release notes
  • Share feature requests and suggestions

EMS TotalCAREiQ Cloud Backup

TotalCAREiQ™ Cloud Backup is your simulation center’s ultimate digital safety net. Not only does it ensure that your videos, daily SQL database backup, and all clinical sim management files on your IIS Server are protected from server or drive failure, but it also keeps your files safe from site-wide loss and natural disasters.

And the best part: there’s no hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, and no tapes to deal with. You don’t need any technical knowledge – TotalCAREiQ™ Cloud Backup solutions work quietly in the background and allow you to restore them at any time with one click.

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