“Advanced Strategies for Reducing Bias in Scoring” Webinar Recap

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We hope you enjoyed our June 16 webinar, “Advanced Strategies for Reducing Bias in Scoring,” presented by Cathy Smith, PhD, CHSE, Interprofessional and Simulation Educator, Baycrest, Toronto, Simulation Consultant; and Tony Errichetti, PhD, MA, SP Program Consultant, Narrative Medicine Practitioner – The Simulationist Narrative Medicine Community.

If you couldn’t join us for the live event, simply complete the form to access the FREE recording.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about an important topic in healthcare simulation training: standardized patient (SP) scoring biases. During this event, the presenters detail strategies for identifying and mitigating the effect of scoring bias in SPs and raters, and review interactive approaches to engaging the raters in identifying what biases may affect their own scoring.

They also review how a systematic review of rater scores may indicate the presence of bias or other issues, e.g. carelessness in scoring or the need for additional training, and engage participants in sharing their experiences in bias reduction training.

Ready for more? Presenters Cathy Smith, PhD, CHSE and Tony Errichetti, PhD, MA previously presented for “Identifying and Remediating Standardized Patient Biases in Scoring” on June 2. Click here for more info or to get the recording!

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