How to Enhance Clinical Reasoning Instruction in Year One of Your Program

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Leverage Virtual Case Training Technology to Improve Diagnostic Reasoning Skills

Supported by a growing body of published research, medical educators know that developing their students’ diagnostic reasoning skills early can lead to a decrease in diagnostic error in their future clinical practice.

Many schools, however, lack a standardized framework for teaching clinical reasoning explicitly early in their programs. And, faculty are typically unable to offer students relevant tools for the deliberate practice of diagnostic decision making as their clinical knowledge expands during their pre-clinical studies.

A new product from NEJM Group sets out to change that.

How to Improve Clinical Reasoning Skills

NEJM Healer is a web-based, interactive learning program that brings clinical knowledge and clinical reasoning together, enabling pre-clinical educators to introduce the foundational concepts of clinical problem solving early in the learning process. With a growing library of expert-developed patient cases, NEJM Healer combines with existing pre-clinical curricula to promote students’ application of clinical reasoning from the first term.

NEJM Healer teaches and assesses students across the patient encounter – from triage and history taking to the physical examination and obtaining lab results and imaging.

Students learn how to gather pertinent patient data, create iterative problem representations, activate illness scripts, and build broad differential diagnoses. They also practice applying likelihood ratios to home in on a lead diagnosis and create a sound management plan.

Continuous Development Through Expert Feedback

With each case, students receive immediate feedback on how they stacked up against a NEJM Healer expert to identify areas for improvement. Students become more thorough and efficient as they work through the virtual patient library developed by a team of physician educators from NEJM Group.

Educators can assign NEJM Healer cases for practice outside of class or use NEJM Healer in the classroom for small group work and faculty-facilitated sessions. Cases vary by the level of difficulty and can be distributed across a semester-long, year-long, or full two-year clinical foundations curriculum. The product can also be layered into systems-based study.

Turnkey Medical Simulation Training for Year One Students

NEJM Healer makes the clinical problem-solving process explicit through the use of virtual patient simulations and provides a standardized way to teach, practice, and assess clinical reasoning as early as year one of your program.

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