Remove Covid-19 Barriers to Live Simulation Training with DistanceSIM

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Students are unable to sit for their boards and graduate without accruing the requisite amount of clinical observation hours. This is prompting institutions to look for a convenient way to leverage their simulation center to substitute clinical observation hours with simulation hours and help ensure their learners can graduate on time.

DistanceSIM™, the newest extension for the SIMULATIONiQ product family, is designed to keep Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health students on track to meet graduation requirements. DistanceSIM allows a simultaneous live view of in-room and video teleconferencing sessions, and live audio communication between sim center staff or learners in the room and others who are working remotely.

“DistanceSIM is a critically needed tool for today’s Healthcare students,” said Anurag Singh, President and CEO of EMS. “The need for additional healthcare providers has never been greater. Covid-19 has halted clinical rotations and academic institutes sent students home. Thousands of healthcare students on the cusp of graduation, could not qualify to graduate, just when our healthcare systems needed them the most. We knew we needed to focus on innovation and utilizing virtual workflows to support restarting these students on their pathway to graduation and ongoing education and training.”

To learn more about DistanceSIM visit our website: or click here to download the DistanceSIM Data Sheet.

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