NEJM Group, EMS Launch Healthcare Simulation Program

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NEJM Healer will accelerate medical students’ diagnostic reasoning

EXTON, PA — NEJM Group and Education Management Solutions (EMS), a Collegis Education company, have signed an agreement to put a cutting-edge clinical diagnosis training program in front of every healthcare student in the United States.

The NEJM Healer diagnostic reasoning program is built off a just-in-time Covid-19 training program designed and used by clinicians around the world during the pandemic. Nearly 300,000 medical students, residents, doctors, other healthcare professionals used the program.

The Covid-19 and the NEJM Healer programs are designed by Dr. Raja-Elie E. Abdulnour, Director of Educational Innovation, along with other NEJM Group experts. NEJM Healer is now integrated into the EMS’ SIMULATIONiQ training platform. The new agreement makes NEJM Healer accessible to the 40,000+ medical students and clinical educators at hundreds of facilities around the world which use EMS’ platform.

The integration of NEJM Healer into EMS’ platform is designed to improve clinical reasoning skills. Prior to NEJM Healer, educators lacked an application to teach and assess clinical reasoning. The ultimate goal is to help avoid diagnostic error in practice.

“The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the worldwide adoption of telemedicine and virtual clinical practice and training,” EMS founder and President Anurag Singh told “The agreement with NEJM Group will put EMS on the front of this transformation by using our industry-leading virtual healthcare simulation testing and educational programs to better prepare medical students for the realities of hands-on patient care.”

“The Covid-19 Rx: Treatment Simulations on helped providers learn and care for patients in real-time,” said program designer Dr. Abdulnour. “Now, NEJM Healer will help students and residents improve clinical decision-making abilities with realistic virtual patient encounters, immediate performance feedback and remediation, and comparisons to experts in the field. The EMS agreement allows us to reach more clinicians in training.”

“NEJM Group is the gold-standard for medical research and education, and NEJM Healer lives up to that standard,” said Collegis Education CEO Jamie Cowie. “Collegis Education and EMS are proud to bring the NEJM Healer technology into our industry-leading education online program enablement and technology solutions portfolio. NEJM Healer will help students and clinical faculty fully understand the clinical reasoning process to make diagnoses faster and more accurately.”

Education Management Solutions (EMS) is a pioneer in simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments. With solutions ranging from clinical simulation management software and hardware to virtual patient training and curriculum management, EMS has worked side-by-side with industry experts since its founding in 1994. Visit for more information and read a recent Forbes profile of EMS’ innovative growth during the coronavirus pandemic.

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