“Extending your Evaluations: Why Use Quality Assurance and SP Assessments” Webinar Recap

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We received great feedback for our May webinar, “Extending your Evaluations: Why Use Quality Assurance and SP Assessments,” presented by Daniel J. Backlund, PhD, CHSOS, CHSE, Director of Simulation IT, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, F. Marie Hall SimLife Center.

Weren’t able to join us for the live event? Click here to access the FREE recording today.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the important roll the quality and consistency of evaluators has in simulation-based training. Although there are many ways to evaluate your evaluators, two of the most effective methods are through inter-rater reliability and SP Performance Assessments.

This presentation discusses the motivation behind implementing evaluator assessments as well as some of the challenges encountered along the way, including why various methods of evaluation may be selected, and what one can expect to get out of evaluators’ evaluations.

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