Keys to Enhancing Clinical Education with Video Learning

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Growing evidence shows a significant link between repetition, retention, and academic performance. Does your current learning management technology give your learners the tools they need to succeed?

Video learning can jumpstart your educational program by removing geographical and technical barriers to experiential learning. Read on for ways video learning can enhance clinical education for better student engagement, stronger reporting, and more.

Flipped Classroom Learning

As the flipped classroom model becomes more widely adopted, institutions are seeking out ways to give students to access educational content independently while under the guidance of a faculty member. Deploy a next generation lecture capture and video content management system that combines a cloud-based platform with a suite of easy to use apps for seamless creation, management, and on demand delivery of live, interactive education.

Your video and content management system should simplify educational content creation and delivery for flipped classroom and blended learning environments. Leverage the best lecture recording software on the market and give your students the resources they need to learn independently—anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Learner Engagement

University-level lectures can be challenging. But what if they could be heard more than once? Next generation video capture and management technology allows learners to be more fully engaged with the lecture content at the live event, and then take detailed notes on the second viewing. Learners with disabilities or those studying in something other than their primary language may also find lecture recordings essential to their educational success.

Faculty can also create and share educational content that enhances learner engagement, accelerates performance, and improves learning outcomes. Organize and edit media content with robust search, tag, rate, and comment capabilities combined with in-video quizzing, scoring, and polling.

Online and Remote Learning

According to the latest report from the National Center for Education Statistics, as many as one third of secondary education students in the U.S. are currently enrolled in at least one online class—and that statistic is only expected to rise over the next decade. Is your institution ready to accommodate a growing demand for online and remote educational opportunities? Do you have the ability to record online lecture content?

Utilize next generation cloud-based technology with a suite of easy to use apps for seamless creation, management, and on demand delivery of 360° interactive education extending beyond traditional learning environments.

Live Streaming

Do your remote learners have the tools they need to view live lectures anywhere? With HD-quality video streaming, you can establish a standardized learning experience that improves engagement and ensures that all learners can participate in live lectures.

And while most conferencing apps require participants to install specialized software to view live video content, videos streamed via your content management solution are accessible via any internet-connected device. Count on secure, stable broadcasts shared with any learner audience, no matter the size.

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