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August 1 @ 2PM EDT

“Constructing Innovative Rituals in Counseling: Considerations for Counselors, Clinical Supervisors, and Counselor Educators”

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Presented by: 
Judith A. Harrington, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT 
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education 
University of Montevallo

Abstract: Rituals are inescapable in culture, society, and in development. Though many rituals are practiced regularly for spiritual and/or developmental purposes, there can be plentiful occasions in the lives of clients, counselors or supervisees that innovative or customized rituals are needed. This session will examine the properties of rituals and how to help the counselor or the student to design or facilitate their creation.  NBCC – 1 contact hour; NAADAC 1 contact hour (pending)

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Review the definitions types, and functions of rituals along with their traits, properties, and considerations 
2. Review how to assist clients in developing their own innovative rituals, and likewise to assist counselors with “rituals thinking” in the supervisory process 
3. Consider opportunities for when educators and supervisors should attune for the need for rituals

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