Five Benefits of System Automation for Your Sim Center—Besides Peace of Mind

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Nursing educators understand that simulation-based training is a clinical learning necessity– but even a simple simulation scenario requires significant resources, from people and processes, to space, time, devices, and written course materials. But with the help of a simulation management solution, you can automate your sim center operations and seamlessly connect a wide variety of disparate departments, sources, and systems. Talk about peace of mind!

What other benefits does system automation provide? Read on for five ways automation can optimize your sim center operations.

1. Paging and alerts

Don’t worry if you have laryngitis on simulation day. System automation gives you the power to streamline your paging workflow. Pre-record a paging announcement or alert and connect it to the precise time it should automatically be played during the simulation. Un-manned paging announcements allow sim technicians to attend to other tasks during a session.

2. Inventory

System automation lets you keep track of all equipment types, including rooms, capital (mannequins and task trainers), supplies, and drugs and manage them in the palm of your hand, providing freedom from your desktop. An equipment utilization report will allow you to identify the supplies in stock and available quantity. When supplies get low, easily automate the reorder process.

3. Scheduling

Things can get a little hectic when dozens (if not hundreds) of people use your center every semester. System automation lets you pre-schedule your session date, the scenario you’ll be using, the department and instructors you want to associate with the session, the assigned evaluators and support staff, and more. Need to run a reoccurring scenario? Create a template that’s easy to schedule and reschedule any time you need it. Scheduling automation saves time.

4. Reporting

The amount of simulation-related information is constantly increasing— in fact, a sim center’s data may double every two years! System automation makes analysis easy. Generate reports on center and equipment utilization, learner activities and competencies, class or cohort statistics, and more. These types of reports help you to present usage and other statistics to upper management to justify the need for the space, equipment, and personnel that provide learners the optimal learning environment and experience.  

5. Network monitoring

24/7 system health check and monitoring of routers, switches, servers, hardware, software, operating systems, applications, virtualized environments, websites, email servers, databases, temperature, humidity, and much more, using predefined sensor types gives you peace of mind. This type of system automation helps to prevent unforeseen disasters and lowers risks. 

Whether you’re pre-recording your paging announcements or reporting on learner competency development, system automation is key to simulation success. Consider deploying a simulation management system that streamlines every aspect of your simulation-based training program.


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