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Community College’s Long-Term Commitment to Technology Prepares Healthcare Students to Become Job-Ready Practitioners:

A decade ago, Kirkwood Community College made the decision to provide its students with an environment that would allow them to enter the workforce well prepared. A State of Iowa grant from the Accelerated Career Education Program contributed $2.2 million and a Kirkwood property tax levy of $1 million for facilities and equipment resulted in the creation of the Katz Family Healthcare Simulation Center (HSC). This state-of-the-art center, which opened in the spring of 2009, was the first of its kind at a community college in Iowa.

From the beginning, Kirkwood Community College’s administration stressed that the HSC had to be as real as possible. The mandate was for the center to look, feel, and even smell like the real-life clinics where students would work when they completed their studies.

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