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Enhanced Simulation Tech at ADU Improves Students’ Experiential Learning

The SIMULATIONIQ™ system will provide more coaching opportunities for faculty, and better hands-on learning for students.

A collaboration between Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) and the Florida Hospital Medical Simulation and Logistics Team resulted in the installment of an enhancement to ADU’s Simulation Center called SIMULATIONIQ™. The system improves their ability to record and have immediate replay of simulations for debriefing.

Acquisition of SIMULATIONIQ™ was facilitated by Patrick Connors, Executive Director and Chief of the Simulation Development and Technologies at Florida Hospital. His vision is for all Florida Hospital campuses with simulation to have the same system for scheduling, recording, viewing, and inventory management.

Programs using the Simulation Center and dedicated labs for Nurse Anesthesia, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant can utilize the new system. Previously, educators would remain with students during simulations, but SIMULATIONIQ™ allows educators to observe and assess student performance from another room. The learning experience becomes fully-immersive, encouraging students to employ critical analysis. These hands-on, real world scenarios are crucial to experiential learning, preparing students to enter the workplace with confidence.

During debriefing, students can critique and make notes on their own deficits and progress as well as evaluate their interaction with team members. This also allows students to evaluate how well they reflect ADU’s mission and Florida Hospital’s standards for patient care through their actions and speech. These attributes were dicult to teach and critique previously, but the more robust recording and viewing software capabilities of SIMULATIONIQ™ allow educators to coach students more effectively.

SOURCE Adventist University of Health Sciences

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