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Originally posted on PR Newswire.

New Training in Motion® solution provides superior training capabilities anywhere, anytime.

November 27, 2023 – Wayne, PAEducation Management Solutions (EMS), a leading provider of simulation and competency management solutions for healthcare, today announced the launch of its new Training in Motion® solution. This innovative product delivers comprehensive video capture-to-debrief capabilities, enabling on-the-move simulation training from any environment.

Potential use-cases for the Training in Motion solution include:

Health Systems
Creating flexible ongoing instruction on-the-go without the need for dedicated training spaces.

Medical & Nursing Schools
Take instruction out of the classroom to recreate more realistic scenarios and impactful training and debriefs.

Military and Government Services Training
Replicate immersive on-the-go battlefield and high-stress medical emergency scenarios for education and training.

“We’ve responded to our partners’ needs for a simple, scalable, and on-the-move solution built specifically for modern training environments,” said EMS CEO Matt Merino. “Our new Training in Motion® platform is a revolutionary on-the-go solution that delivers a cost-conscious mobile training experience and gives educators and instructors the tools they’re asking for to help them improve their learning outcomes.”

The new Training in Motion® solution provides unmatched flexibility and efficiency for delivering superior learning outcomes anywhere and anytime. Key features include:

  • Easy Set Up – Plug-and-play capability with major simulators reduces setup time and prevents vendor lock-in.
  • Airplay and Video Conferencing – Seamless integration with Zoom, Teams, and Webex for livestreaming and sharing with multiple locations.
  • Video Management & Debrief – Advanced bookmarking and annotation to address learning gaps and improve outcomes.
  • Extended Storage – One terabyte of video storage for more uninterrupted recording time.
  • Multiple Feed Control – Configure and display multiple feeds and classrooms simultaneously.
  • Connectivity Monitoring – Easy monitoring of connectivity to ensure smooth sessions.
  • Proprietary and Patented Camera – Provides desired mobility and ease of set up.
  • Rugged Casing – Protects your investment in hardware and makes for simple transport.
  • Long Battery Life – Prevents limits on training time.
  • Upgradeable for Program Growth – Simulation management and competency tracking application add-ons are available.

With its ability to connect learning environments no matter where they’re located, the Training in Motion® solution marks a revolutionary step forward for simulation training. EMS continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing cutting-edge, user-friendly solutions to improve learning outcomes for the healthcare training industry.

To learn more about EMS’ new Training in Motion® solution, visit ems-works.com/training-in-motion.

About Education Management Solutions (EMS):

EMS solutions merge essential information across environments, helping organizations align performance and capabilities between education, training, and active provider care.

Seamlessly connecting and analyzing competency-based performance data for curriculum assessment and student performance tracking, EMS’ open architecture removes silos across OEM hardware, simulation training tools, video conferencing, and learning management systems.

Fusing performance observations and measurements across immersive reality, hands-on education, and classroom instruction, EMS stays true to its core mission; integrated solutions, elevated healthcare.

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