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Greetings to all our friends and colleagues in the global healthcare simulation community! As we work to reconfirm our priorities and meet our goals for this new year, we are also presented with the chance to reflect on 2020 and the many challenges we have faced – and strived to overcome – together.

This time last year, none of us could imagine the swift changes our community would require – or how we would immediately adapt, innovate, and modify years of embedded simulation training workflows. With new healthcare graduates immediately joining the frontlines to fight the worldwide pandemic, our combined focus, standards, and goals have never been more important.

EMS has been a key player in the critical mission to provide best-in-class training and education standards for tomorrow’s healthcare professionals, no matter if they’re training in the classroom or remotely.

The Pennsylvania statewide COVID-19 shutdown began on March 12, 2020, requiring that the entire EMS team rapidly evolve to make the maximum use of the tools we had in our own homebased workspaces. In fact, within 48 hours of the mandate’s implementation, everyone in the company was working virtually!

I’m proud to share that these companywide successes have been featured on in an article detailing how despite the shutdown, we kept all staff employed, introduced several innovative technological solutions which led to our being acquired, and surpassed our original 2020 revenue goals by more than 30 percent.

EMS’ success has been based upon seizing opportunities in the suddenly virtual healthcare education world. As numerous studies show that virtual learning has been detrimental to college students’ experience and education, EMS aims to keep medical and nursing students on-track for learning and graduation. Our solutions focus on the three core pillars of higher education – classroom lecture, hands-on lab work, and workplace practice – and we’ve ensured that our software is secure and able to work with the technologies already in use by students and instructors.

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From everyone at EMS, our thanks goes out to the entire simulation community for your support!

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