Healthcare Competency and Curriculum Assessment Case Study

"Leading Medical School Leverages Competency Assessment Tool to Centrally Manage Assessment Data, Map Competency-Based Curriculum, and Conduct Direct Observation and Clinical Assessment"

Innovative AI-supported technology helps educators at a top medical college on the east coast effectively train the next generation of practitioners by spotting curriculum gaps, ensuring entering residents are ready, and identifying at-risk students early on.

Leveraging the SIMULATIONiQ-integrated software solution and direct observation mobile application the institution was able to enhance learners’ and preceptors’ experiences with on-demand assessment and longitudinal performance analytics. 

Download the Case Study to Learn:

Download the Case Study

Top Institutions Choose EMS Simulation Training Software:

SIMULATIONiQ is a comprehensive simulation management, skills assessment, and audio-video solution that expedites the management of your clinical simulation center. It uses the latest web-based technologies to capture, organize, and analyze the full spectrum of your simulation training program, integrating all your data to offer a smarter simulation experience and improve learner outcomes.

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